FS Poland

Social Responsibility of Science II

Hand in hand with Polish Ministry of Education and Science

“Formula Student Poland – International Engineering Competition” is a project directed by FSP Foundation which received funding from the state budget, awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science as a part of the “Social Responsibility of Science II” programme.


Education Promotion

Main goal is to promote education by research and practical skill-building.

Cyclical Nature

The 23′ edition will lay the foundation for next ones with greater range of attendees.

International Reach

The event aims to attract students from diverse backgrounds and regions.

Founding details

Founding amount:

102 000,00 PLN

Project full budget: 174 500,00PLN

Founding Period:


Project Duration:

8 months

Key Features


Fostering cross-disciplinary collab, the event bridges the gap amid theory and practice.

Substantive Evaluation

Projects will be evaluated by experts, providing teams with valuable feedback and guidance.

Student Empowerment​

200+ participants will benefit from experts insights, consultations, lectures, enhancing their skills. 


Teams push the engineering boundaries, showcasing solutions which can enhance motosport industry.

Summary of the project

The Student Engineering Competition FSP is the first international event of its kind in Poland, during which student teams will present their scientific achievements attained through the execution of research projects to judging panels. Their task is to construct a fully compliant with international regulations racing car, featuring advanced technological sophistication.

The competition is divided into dynamic and static tasks. In dynamics student projects, single-seater racing cars inspired by Formula 1, undergo tests of acceleration, stability, and durability. 

Within the statics, students present their scientific accomplishments in three disciplines: design, cost estimation, and business plan. The cars are constructed in both electric and combustion classifications, incorporating innovative technological and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Logo of Social Responsibility of Science programme
White eagle on red background symbolizing the national coat of arms of Poland
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